Fawaz Al Khateeb Trading LLC GROUP


Fawaz Al Khateeb Trading LLC Group is a private family owned group of businesses with its headquarters in Dubai, UAE. The earliest of the Group’s establishments is “Fawaz Al Khateeb Trading LLC ”, specializing in Automobile Car Accessories & Spare Parts. It is known to be the largest local & international provider of car accessories and spare parts, with more than forty years’ experience in the automobile industry. As the business flourished beginning the 90s, the brothers/partners have decided to expand and operate in the same field of car accessories and spare parts under other names. To name some of the partnerships or subsidiaries, here we will be listing a few:


Fawaz Al Khateeb Trading LLC is a member of Fawaz Al Khateeb Trading LLC Trading Group of Companies which was originally established in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi - UAE in 1971. Firstly, the group was originally known for their car accessories & spare parts trading. Today it is a global car accessories company with many offices and business partnerships in many countries throughout the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and Asia. The Company distributes through distinct channels of wholesale customers, scattered in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Russia and other parts of the World. Our quality is guaranteed since we do manufacture ourselves in our own quality controlled facility under our name exclusively, with quality standards being monitored within our testing facilities.

Fawaz Al Khateeb Trading LLC Car Accessories has been shipping tailor made auto accessories nationwide to better suit each and every market’s needs. We pride ourselves in holding updated and superior quality products as our two main priorities. Here you can expect a wide variety of high quality Car Alarms, Air Fresheners, Lighting, Car Seat Covers… etc., and many other miscellaneous auto accessories to you in conjunction with our excellent service. You can be assured of competitively priced items to help you maintain your competitive edge. Having based ourselves on the features demanded by large companies, we have created innovative, user-friendly products that are now available to all companies that look forward to stratify their wide scale clientele base. We want to the take time to thank you for your ongoing loyalty and support and to assure that you can count on our on-going commitment to provide quality, reliability, and up-to-date products.

Customer Service

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Working Time

  • Saturday to Thursday
  • 9:00am – 2:00pm
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  • To our wholesalers: To be the premier supplier of car accessories and spare parts by providing profitable growth for our wholesalers through competitive pricing and superior products.
  • To end consumers: To ensure that all vehicle drivers in the world have access to superior quality of car accessories.


Our vision is to stay a step ahead of competition by continuously creating affordable & competitive car accessories innovatively.